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on virtual teaching salaries versus in-classroom teaching salaries is hard to come by, but judging by job advertisements and anecdotal reports, K12 teachers should be prepared to take a pay cut to teach from home. Website Evaluator/Tester, many companies that own websites will hire you to test their site to make improvements to its ese companies will pay you from 5 to 10 per completed test or more. Check out information. There are many opportunities for editing. The trick, of course, is finding legitimate, well-paid positions because work-at-home scams abound. Set schedules are set for the agents. Essential Skill: Fluency in geek-speak, computer nerds and A-V nadex binary option trading strategy types can make solid salaries in tech support, where demand is high and hours flexible. Translating, nowadays the demand of translating is increasing, if you have a second language which you manage fluently, this maybe the best option you have for working at home, and best of all it requires nothing more than one or two emails with a client.

Sykes, global - This work at home company is available to agents around the world including Canada, USA, UK, China, Italy, Romania and many more countries. Training by professional staff makes it easy to navigate your way through client's systems. But there's a key difference between the traditional secretary and a VA, says Nancy Seeger, of the International Virtual Assistants Association: Most VAs are contractors, not employees, and they operate as independent businesses with multiple clients. Think about it, it is already difficult for a common person to find the perfect job, imagine how difficult can it be for an introvert. A number of firms hire multilingual people to freelance translations of business documents, consumer Web sites, computer software and academic papers. They can be perfectionists and very hard working as well!

This is typically a part-time job and cyclical, as need varies over the course of the year. If youve spent significant time in the classroom teaching your own materials, you know what works and what doesnt. Basically the only thing you need to do here is listen to audio files and convert them to text files, you can work from your home and you dont really need to communicate with your clients, but it wont be that easy, it can. When you type a search term into Google or Bing, an algorithm determines what the best results will. While we cant guarantee that youll get hired for one of these work-at-home jobs, at least you can have confidence that none of these employment opportunities is too good to be true. But job seekers should also consider third-party support providers, including PlumChoice, which handles tech support for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Major job boards always have listings for curriculum developers. Cactus Communications, an Indian editing and translation company with offices in Philadelphia, hires proofreaders to check academic papers and medical documents written by non-native speakers. Most introverts are not necessarily shy or quiet but are categorized as such because of their seemingly withdrawn nature. Working out of home offices, such techs generally serve as the first point of contact for customers troubleshooting forex crunch weekly forecast everything from laptops to stereos to MySQL servers. ACD Direct, uSA (some states are excluded) - Agents with ACD are paid by the minute and they boast incentives. I currently make much more selling teaching resources than I would have if I'd continued teaching, writes Rachel Lynette.

All three are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, hire agents as employees rather than contractors, and offer benefits such as paid vacation and medical insurance to full-time workers. To get started in this field, prepare to start pitching before you flip the switch and leave the classroom for good. Proofreader, pay Range: 12-20/hour (BLS data minimum Education: Bachelor's degree Essential Skill: Two eyes for detail It's hard to hack it as a freelance writer or full-time blogger, and both fields are already crowded. Editor/Proof Reader, editing and proofreading jobs are great options for those who are introvert. While neither company requires a specific academic background, advanced degrees and editing experience help.

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