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Forex trading has taken off in a big way, and as with any new form of investment, there are always going to be a selection of people whose only aim is to take advantage of the uneducated. Its got lots of additional features The huge number of extra features was possibly one of the main reasons MT4 became so popular when it was first introduced in 2005. In fact, for many modern traders, it has become an essential part of their arsenal. We appreciate there is a lot to think about when trying to choose a Forex broker; but with our help, were sure there will be no problem narrowing down the field. Overall, ThinkMarkets provides a diverse research offering, but lacks the depth to compete with industry leaders in the category. All data was pulled in from the brokers website.

Customer service should be available 24 hours a tail-risk protection trading strategies day. Check out the validity of the brokers regulation If a broker has a licence and is regulated by a particular regulatory body, there should be no reason why it isnt clearly stated on their website. Meanwhile, active traders or those with more cost-sensitive strategies can opt for the VIP account which requires 25,000 where trading costs can drop even further. The difference comes when it is different, in that a pip doesnt have the same value. Or if you want to look at it in another way, from Sunday evening to Friday evening. Also in 2017, ThinkMarkets significantly expanded its range of tradeable symbols, adding 126 single-share CFDs and nine cryptocurrency CFDs, bringing the total offered to 187, include 9 cryptocurrencies CFDs, and added a hundred and twenty six single-share CFDs. Are you planning to take advantage of automated trading systems? Spreads are the primary cost involved in Forex trading.

Our Think Forex review found something unique to the broker with a multi-account manager (MAM) solution available.
During out Think Forex review we didnt sit in on one but from all reports these online seminars are a fantastic way for traders to keep abreast of the FX industry.
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I was consider Think forex as potential broker to trade with, but talking with support prompted my final decision to come.