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and 85,000 a year. I should warn you now that "working from home " and " online jobs " do not translate to "get rich quick." Always be extremely skeptical of jobs that promise a fortune for very little work. Terri Orlowski, a virtual assistant and Web developer based in Pittsburgh, offers services such as custom website design, template modification and redesigns, code updates, hosting and usability reviews. Theres less willingness today to be a cube-dweller or lifetime commuter, says Michael Haaren, co-director of m and co-author of, work at, home. Short stories, funny life anecdotes, insightful commentary and detailed instructions in skill-based tasks are all popular topics that you can sell.

But finding legitimate work -at- home jobs can be tough. There are 60 scams for every real work -at- home job, says Christine Durst, co-founder and principal of Staffcentrix LLC, which owns and. Across age groups and job categories, demand is growing for good -paying work that can be done right from home. Nervous about falling 401ks, boomers hope to continue earning income without the. 3 work at home online jobs that aren t scams.

Retirees needing supplemental income. Translator People with fluency in more than one language translate audio files or documents, not just word for word, but often with cultural differences in mind. The ad includes the company name and does not have applicants reply to a blind email address. Being able to work from home makes life easier and appeals to the latent entrepreneur. They like working with people (but) they like interacting by email and by being on the phone. Then figure out what unique viewpoint you can bring to those areas and get writing. Real home -based travel agents have experienced robust growth over the last decade, and there are probably 40,000-plus of them and growing. If you don't mind stepping out of your home occasionally, you can sign up with a service like.