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the US nor in the top five of those who sell aluminium to the. The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (atic) made the point in December that for the 2017 financial year roughly 66 per cent of all Australian exports of goods and services were sold to East Asia with almost 30 per cent going to China alone. In that regard its worth recalling that in March 2011, after Japan suffered a calamitous earthquake, tsunami and a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima power plant, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) was joined by other central banks in efforts to stabilise the value of the. Secondly, due to continuing BOJ ultra-accommodative monetary policy settings in the pursuit of domestic inflation, it has long been cheap for currency market participants to fund long plays on other currencies or indeed other assets by being short of Japanese yen. The subsequent decision to give Australia a temporary exemption from those tariffs is irrelevant.

That should spell volatility for the currencies of Australia and Japan. We can deliver your funds on the same day you decide to trade. Trustpilot 5 star rating from our happy customers. The yens safe haven status is arguably predicated on two factors. This means that on a purchase of 100,000, your FX transaction via the banks could cost you up to 3,032 more. Did you know that High Street banks commonly charge up to 4 more on an average currency transaction than Worldwide Currencies? This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Caught in crossfire of a trade war between China and US business-article-page. A full-blown trade war between China and the United States has not yet broken out and may yet be avoided but there is a whiff of grapeshot in the air.

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7 Great reasons for you to join us today. Gold prices have been on the rise for several weeks now. Registration is free with no obligation to trade, but it does allow you to call for a live rate of exchange. Same day delivery on all major currencies. Oil books worst day in about 3 years after tanking nearly. We will require settlement and onward payment instructions before 12PM. Open a Private Account, open a Corporate Account. So, even though policymakers in Canberra and Tokyo might feel it unjustified, the odds are that US trade salvoes aimed at China, and any Chinese responses, will catch the currencies of Australia and Japan in the crossfire.

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