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The Rules for This System: Rule 1 - is the 40/40 or european forex trading hours 20/40 rule. Thistle is the SAR High and Low within the primary swings of high and low. If you get greedy you will become a looser. Example: 2 hour chart romar down or up Smooth down or up EMA down or up 1 hour chart romar down or up Smooth down or up EMA down or up Daily chart romar down or up Smooth down or up EMA down. There is also a top and bottom Contour lines which is used as ranging for breakouts.

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paradox system forex factory

The Paradox System is very simple and very profitable provided you trade according to the rules.
The Paradox System was built for one purpose; to make money and work from home.
For me trading is a business and not a hobby, and I really dislike working more than 4 hours.
Do i really need the Paradox Sessions Indicator on my chart?

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So there are two variations lines for the swing; DodgerBlue and Magenta. When the 1 hour romar is running through the center of the market you are pretty much in consolidation with the 2 hour trend. They are also Support and Resistance and can hold the market in trend, and/or consolidation before the reverse takes place. Spend the week-end studying everything I have posted here today. You will never have to guess which way the trend is running. Trading in the moment: Trading in the moment means trading a one bar 2 hour candle. If the 1 hour is not consistent with the 2 hour then you are in consolidation. EMA below Purple the trend is up in the swings.

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