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(Balmorra Empire) Trapjaw (Tatooine) Battledroid R4-GL (Nar Shaddaa) Ulgo Siegebreaker (Alderaan) Rogue Cartel Warbot (Quesh) The Ancient One (Taris Empire) Snowblind (Hoth) Gargath (Hoth) The Primal Destroyer (Belsavis) Dreadtooth (Belsavis) The Nightmare Pilgrim (Voss). Juvard Illip Oggurobb only drops inquisitor or agent legacy gear. You will be asked to talk with each of them. Otherwise you will need 666 Hemostatic Gel or 400 Autoimmune Regulators or some combination. C2-N2 is near 2V-R8 and can also be recruited as well. Jawa scrap vendors in the Cartel Bazaar are a good way to acquire them if you have the scraps. Agents can skip this part but will need do the Rakghoul tunnels and the rest.

Guide: See guide here Alliance Specialist Vendors Alliance Vehicle Engineer The vendor can be found at the Military Hangar section of your Alliance Camp Headquarters. Non-Perishable meals to Hylo Visz and the smugglers. The Last of His Kind (Broonmark) Prerequisite: Completed Chapter 14 and any prior recruitment mission from Hylo Visz. Beywan Aygo only take Locked Supply: Military Equipment. Hylo Visz only take Locked Supply Crate: Smuggled Goods. Speak to Sane-Rae Achievement If you reject Xalek, you will get an achievement for doing. You wont get a notification that clicked the umbrella so interact with it a couple times just to be sure. Upon reaching, influence rank 8, you will receive another set of quests rewarding 20 Common Data Crystals, 10 Glowing Data Crystals and 5 Radiant Data Crystals per Alliance Specialist at rank.

Anodyne Extract x24 300 influence Metamorphic Cell Cultures x24 300 influence Hemostatic Gel x20 300 influence Autoimmune Regulators x12 300 influence Rakghoul DNA Canister x1 250 influence Exotic Plague Specimen x1 500 influence Barnacle of the Eyeless x1 4000 influence (can be only turned. To Find A Findsman (Yuun) Prerequisite: Complete the talking to Juvard Illip Oggurobb step in Chapter. Steps Speak to Qyzen Fess on Hoth Reach Rank 10 influence (10,000 influence) with Qyzen Fess by hunting creatures worthy of Jagannath and bring their trophies to Hoth or kill World Bosses.

Steps Board Your Personal Starship Use the Galaxy Map to travel to Zakuul Find and Speak to Yuun Recover First Component (Breaktown) Recover Second Component (Breaktown) Recover Third Component (Tram Market) Recover Fourth Component (Breaktown) Return to Yuun Report to Oggurobb Reward Locked Supply Crate. Steps Find and speak to Nico Okarr on Zakuul Mix a drink for Nico Okarr Regardless of which three ingredients you trader society forex currencies basket live stream picked, Nico Okarr will tell you to not forget the little umbrella after you picked the third ingreident. Bypassing recruitment If you are Sith Warrior trying to recruit Major Pierce or Trooper trying to recruit M1-4x, they will join you right away without the PvP/Valor requirement. The areas are approximate, these creatures seems to respawn at a nearby location when killed so they are in the general area but not always in the same area. Lokin, see this guide for them. Bypassing Recruitment Sith Inquisitors have the option to skip the steps below and recruit Talos directly since he is a former companion. (-2018, 1944) (-2388, 1971) (-1607, 1822) Highmount Ridge, Highmount Slopes (-1030, 561) (-858, 697) (-817, 371) (-742, 604) (-709, 353) (-770, 620) (-1846, 1111) The Starship Graveyard (2021, 650) (2807, 552) (2544, 578) World Bosses Alternatively, kill Heroic World Bosses and loot their trophy (each. Beywan Aygo can be found in Military Hangar. Modified Food Processor to Admiral Aygo at the Military Hangars. Once you deploy the probe, it will say to collect the Recovered Specimen, which isnt there for some people. A guide to the Alliance Specialists system introduced with Knights of the Fallen Empire that allow you to recruit additional companions. Sana-Rae only take Locked Supply Crate: Ancient Artifacts.

Instead of a max of 10,000 affection with your companions, you now have a max influence rank of 50 which requires a total of 250k influence.
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