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scenario, if the trader makes a profit, the broker pays for. On 16th of January, a black thursday for ECN FX brokers. Ultimately it is trader that loses. Spread cannot be a fixed number in the real money market. If the spreads tend to.5 pips on average and you actually never seen a spread of 0 pips your broker is not offering true ECN. Any liquidity provider will have to charge a swap.

STP indicates that from placement of orders to closing the deals, everything is accomplished automatically without any kind of manual intervention. Unlike True ECN, Pseudo ECN is simply an imitation of the ECN.

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Regulation: cima, NFA, cftc, FCA UK, iiroc, asic, FFA Japan, MAS Singapore, Hong Kong SFC Minimum Deposit: 200 Headquarter: UK Try m with a demo account ADS Primes mother company is ADS securities, the biggest forex broker of the United Arab Emirates. In other words, Pseudo ECN is not different from STP. What is an attribute of a True ECN FX Broker? If you are a scalper, you shouldnt go for less than STP or ECN. With LCG there is no minimum deposit required to open a trading account, however, to access the ECN technology you need to keep at least 10,000 on your account. In these days secret ffx overdrive of free Internet availability and high connectivity, most traders know how to choose a reliable and good broker. The majority of the True ECN FX brokers simply adds a commission per each side of the trade and this way it makes money. However, different liquidity providers charge different swap amounts because it is under their control. The European part is in fact based in Cyprus.

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