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trader that can take an honest look at themselves and learn from their mistakes. The summer of 2016 will go down in the history of my trading career as a summer to remember! . At the end of the day, the amount of money I make is meaningless if I cant teach you how to profitably trade the markets! . Out of the thousands of stocks you could trade on any given day, what is the best strategy for finding stocks with home run potential? .

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In this example, the brava forex base currency is the euro and the.S. For example, you may have seen a currency" for a, eUR/USD pair.1256. Traders are typically paid 15 to 20 more than salespeople at the same firm. As a beginner trader, I realized that if I could find one of those stocks, invest 1/5 of my portfolio into the position, and generate 20, I would be able to grow my account 4 in that day. . Thats why in the spring of 2016, we conducted a survey of 100 recent trading course students. . As traders, our magnets are the stock scanners we use each day to search the market for the stocks that have home run potential. My 3 months of trading was highlighted in this.

The requirements of these trades is typically that the price is close to the 9ema on the 5min chart. As a result, I traded less overall, taking only 88 total trades.