does anyone making a living trading binary options

heavily into any realistic profits for you, over what time period, and how. Anyways, is there anyone that can point me in the right direction to really learn trading/investing? The profits are good. Can I make a living trading binary options? Some may read stories about a millionaire forex trader and decided to trade forex or some may read somewhere about how easy it is to trade forex and make money and how the forex market is 24 hr market blah blah blah and they want. Any advice is much appreciated. Bottom line though, and I'll explain it with an example. I do have about 10k in my brokerage account to play with. Make sure your profit goals account for such an opportunity cost. There is plenty of information on that.

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If you are one that dont like losing money, then simply forget forex trading. Is anyone making a living from this broker, and having no issues with regular withdrawals? If it was that easy we would all be doing. You never know what tomorrow will bring, therefore we should have several ways of making money. And money does come from many different avenues. So, the average will be within the 20 to 40 range. Thus, we should never make our living just from binary options. One can make a living trading binary options, because a good trader can get good returns. As everyone has also said, don't rely on it to pay your next month rent or whatever, as soon as it is your 'sole' income things will be different and you will be under a lot of pressure every day. You can only have the needed consistency to make a steady extra income with experience. (eg some days you would expect certain pairs to rise/fall, so even if you placed random trades throughout the day you're more likely to get them ITM. But having a good strategy is not enough to have these profits.

Is anyone making a living from, binary, options?

does anyone making a living trading binary options

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