singapore dollar convert to indian rupees

the Brunei dollar is still maintained. Useful information relating to the Indian Rupee currency INR. Tue, Nov/13/2018 1 SGD.6702 INR, mon, Nov/12/2018 1 SGD.5954 INR, sun, Nov/11/2018 1 SGD.5625 INR, sat, Nov/10/2018 1 SGD.5523 INR. Date, singapore Dollar, indian Rupee, mon, Nov/19/2018 1 SGD.2774 INR, sun, Nov/18/2018 1 SGD.4529 INR.

Singapore dollar convert to indian rupees
singapore dollar convert to indian rupees

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Price for 1 Singapore Dollar was.21894 Indian Rupee, so 1 Singapore Dollar was worth. Sat, Nov/17/2018 1 SGD.2909 INR, fri, Nov/16/2018 1 SGD.2536 INR, thu, Nov/15/2018 1 SGD.4839 INR, wed, Nov/14/2018 1 SGD.661 INR. Historical Exchange Rates For Indian Rupee to Singapore Dollar 22Aug 06Aug 21Sep 05Sep 20Oct 05Oct 20Nov 04120-day exchange rate history for INR to SGD. Tuesday, singapore Dollar(SGD indian Rupee(INR singapore Dollar(SGD indian Rupee(INR) 1 SGD.65774 INR.01899 SGD 1 INR 2 SGD 105.31548 INR.03798 SGD 2 INR 5 SGD 263.28871 INR.09495 SGD 5 INR 10 SGD 526.57741 INR.18991 SGD 10 INR 15 SGD 789.86612 INR. Country: Singapore, region: Asia, sub-Unit: 1 Dollar 100 cents, symbol:. Singapore issued its first independent coins and notes in 1967. On this graph you can see trend of change 1 SGD to INR. From INR to SGD, iNR, sGD 1 INR,.02 SGD 5 INR,.10 SGD 10 INR,.19 SGD 50 INR,.96 SGD 100 INR,.92 SGD 250 INR,.79 SGD 500 INR,.58 SGD 1,000 INR,.16. On the last week currencies rate was.31795 INR higher.

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