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extrapolating weather between here and there. Use the slider bars to choose weather forecast variables based on values that are important to you. Nashville, TN ; New York, NY ; Norfolk,. Simply click on the 6 thinkorswim forex trading hour time blocks at the bottom of the page to see weather conditions for that time period. Rain, ice, snow, multiple strikes. Enter your departure location and time, and your destination location. Washington, DC ; West Palm Beach,. Now that you are at the travel forecast page, you can see how the forecast is changing through time. These points are plotted out every dozen miles or so, and they show you the weather conditions expected at that point (wind, snow, rain, storms, fog a data point of your choosing (forecast temperature, forecast snowfall amount, wind speed, etc. Of all of the EDD's excellent features is a nifty tool hidden behind a traffic sign up on the top-right portion of the application, called the travel hazard forecast.

The resulting map shows you three different featuresan icon, a data point, and travel conditions between cities on your route. Find the Travel Forecast link by looking under the Local Information dropdown menu, or by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on Travel Forecast under the Weather Forecasts section. Go there directly by clicking on this link, or navigate to www. Selecting a road segment provides detailed forecast information. Louis, for example, and you'd like to visit Aunt Edna in Cleveland, you'll have to add Cleveland as a waypoint. The tool, called the Enhanced Data Display (or EDD is still in its experimental stages, so the application will occasionally go offline while meteorologists and technicians tinker with. Albany, NY ; Albuquerque, NM ; Allentown, PA ; Atlanta, GA ; Austin,., find the Travel Forecast Link, navigate Through 6 Hour Time Blocks. Winter will be upon us soon, and with that comes hazardous traveling conditions. and the impacts you'll encounter between cities.

Greensboro, NC ; Greenville, SC ; Grand Rapids,. The application uses the distance and time of your trip1,695 miles and 25 hours, in this exampleto calculate the weather at certain points along your route. Additional Help On This Page, use the left hand side menu to select "Legend Help".

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