technical trading strategy in reversion

the equity curves that are generated on new sets of noisy data. It all begins with getting ready the right tools for the job. Since I use Interactive Brokers I will usually set my commissions.01.005 per share but yours will depend on the broker you use. This is because stock prices are an amalgamation of prices coming from multiple different exchanges. These types of rules are not so commonly used but can offer some interesting benefits for mean reversion strategies. Then calculate the trade size that will allow your loss to be constrained to that percentage of your bankroll if the stop loss is hit. Test Other Markets You can test your system on different time frames, different time windows and also different markets. This post contains a detailed guide for creating a mean reversion trading strategy. See if your system holds up or if it crashes and burns. It is important to take the underlying trend into consideration.

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Technical trading strategy in reversion
technical trading strategy in reversion

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When you trade in the live market, your price fills should be as close as possible to what you saw in backtesting. For entries, Ill be on the lookout for long-tailed candlesticks to test the support or resistance levels as additional cues for potential short-term bounces. Its always an amalgamation of contract months. New year, new system! Different Ways To Trade Mean Reversion A simple mean reversion strategy would be to buy a stock after an unusually large drop in price betting that the stock rebounds to a more normal level. Therefore stop losses can be logically inconsistent for mean reversion systems and they can harm performance in backtesting.

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