sierra chart bollinger bands trading strategy forex

full potential. Market Data Replay Market replay is a great way to learn about trading without risking your money. Portfolio backtesting means applying one or more strategies to many instruments at oncetesting on historical data and gauging performance as if all symbols were traded with these strategies. Exit strategies are essential Exit strategies are designed to protect against sudden market movements and to exit a position in a structured and organized fashion. General actions There are General, Charting, Scanner, DOM, and Trading categories available in the Hotkeys section.

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sierra chart bollinger bands trading strategy forex

Simply click it to turn auto trading on or off. You only need a few clicks to accomplish this. Bar spacing can be adjusted for easier viewing. For example, you can have a Rotation and Spread strategies applied to different groups of instruments in your portfolio. Alerts that keep you informed You can create custom visual, sound, and email alert for one or all symbols. This allows you to test your strategy to make sure it works, before you put real money into. Pausing can be very helpful if entering an order quickly without any additional exit orders, but it does not remove or change the standard order setup. Order and Position Tracker You see a detailed summary of your orders, positions and accounts across all brokers that you are trading. Market Scanner is a watchboard for monitoring symbols you are interested in and finding opportunities. While they are most commonly used for intraday trading, it is possible to trade larger timeframes. Make sure your results are robust If the algorithm thinks it has found something good, it will start testing around the newly found peak to determine if this peak is an outlier.

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