forex trading rules in india

principles. First a clarification Foreign Exchange trading or, forex trading in, india is illegal. Sebi is responsible for overseeing the activities of brokers, companies, as well as individual investors to ensure that the securities market operates with integrity and transparency without affecting the overall stability of the Indian market. Over the Counter or off-exchange is a different kind of market where trading occurs directly between two parties without the Supervision of an Exchange. Staying Protected From Broker Scams, forex brokers in India should be regulated by the sebi and should be authorized by the relevant authorities to ensure that all companies follow the fema guidelines on Forex trading.

At present you can trade in derivatives of Dollars, GBP, Euro and Japanese Yen; you can also trade in Dollars and Interest Rate Futures on 10 Y GS 7 and 91 D T-Bill. Legal accessibility of, forex, trading is one of the most argumentative topics. In a few instances the bank may change this depending on market volatility. More Forex Brokers by Regulation Authority). Dont be lured by false promises that may guarantee an insane amount of profits and a free unlimited income potential, as Forex trading is far from the ultimate quick riches scheme that it is portrayed. In order to save foreign reserve and save country people from loss, RBI restricted forex trading. Other aspects that govern choosing which bank to open an account with are: brokerage rates; products offered and which exchange does the bank have tie-up with. What RBI allows and is generally understood. Currency options are also available with underlying as US Dollar /Indian Rupee (USD-INR) spot rate. Forex ) reserves of the country became low, fera (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act) was introduced. In Forex trading you are always offered a" of spread.

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