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you studied it and didnt understand then you wouldnt bother continuing would you? Fear, Greed and Anger, once you complete your trading plan and test it the next progression is to start trading with real money. Hence, the very first step that you should do when identifying a trade setup is to calculate the risk you will be taking, then calculate the reward as a multiple of the amount you have at risk. You cannot control the marketyou will find it often moving further than it should/is logical. It can go against you or in your favor. Once you make it passed that phase you will then need more discipline and patience to test your plan properly and make sure that it works. You can never control the market, but you have the ability to control yourself and all other trading variables. If not, it will be very difficult for you to make money in trading. Be clear binary options brokers comparison about when to enter a trade, when to exit and when to hold a position. Emotions are important for real life or we would all be cold and robotic but you need to switch them off when Forex Trading. note: The market has a certain amount to give, and not a pip more. . The fact is; no matter how good your plan is there will be loss sometimes, getting greedy and loading up on a trade that results in a loss will make you angry.

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Through a long period of screen time, you will be able to develop trading intuition and be able to filter out low probability trades. Calculate your risk and reward before entering a trade.

Discretionary trading skill is a necessary skill to develop as a trader. Thanks :19 AM #3, patience and discipline are the two most important factor in the Forex market for a trader. Exiting a trade is sometimes more critical and important than knowing when to enter a trade because thats what determines whether you win or lose. It is certainly not easy to find a trading mentor. . Forex Trading Psychology Tips. Firstly, you shouldnt be trading with money that you cant afford to lose, and secondly, you should maintain the discipline and patience to build confidence in your trading plan as discussed above. You cant expect yourself to know everything right away. Most professional traders combine their trading strategies with intuition because they understand the market dynamics. Generally the best stop loss points are just beyond recent swing points. It is easy to read about and acknowledge all of this but some of it is unavoidable.

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