magic fx show

create. The stadium shots give an enormous burst of confetti or streamers! The Dominator is a DMX controllable 5-way CO2 machine which offers you. Catch great moments with Forex alerts. The new magicfx Swirl Fan XL is the big brother of the standard Swirl Fan. Canoo2 5 tubes, magic. My two first approaches were magical thunder strikes, then a splash. We'll show the best professionals to copy every day.

The magicfx Flamaniac is a unique flame unit which produces coloured flames in 5 different directions up. The Power Shots are designed to fire prefilled single use electri. Pyrojunkies MagicFX display at BPM 2016. Great for DJ's and dancers! The Stage Flame allows the user to use aerosol cannisters or propane gas from a gas bottle. Magic FX CO2 jet. Magic FX is a Dutch manufacturer of professional special effects machines and equipment.