trading forex with no indicator

your decisions purely on what price is doing right now, compared to what it has done in the past. Trading Signal: Some traders will do something called touch trading, which is blindly buying or selling the market without a signal. M, trading, forex with no indicator is nothing new. Wait to buy those higher lows, and sell the lower highs use turning points such as horizontal levels/trend lines to anticipate these swing points. This means if we initially had a long position when the indicator told us to sell, we would cover and establish a new short position. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (9,26,52,1 cover and go long when conversion line crosses above baseline.

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There were a few price action sell signals off the trend line turning point, which did turn out to be very lucrative trades. Ranges are normally messy and turbulent, and dont have clearly defined upper and lower boundaries. Ranging Market Structure Ranging markets can be really easy to see, and other times a little more difficult. D) Expanding Wedge: space is getting wider between 2 trend lines. Cover and go short when RSI crosses below. I know it sounds very zen like. Keep trading simple by following these 3 steps: Make yourself a check list Step 1: Read the Market Structure The market is weak, and trending down because its now making lower highs and lower lows so we know that we want to be a seller.

When markets are trending, it becomes more obvious which direction to trade (one benefit of trend trading ) and you only want to enter in the direction of the trend when the indicator is recovering from extremes. Backtesting involves retroactively testing the parameters of the indicators against historical price action. Sometimes there is absolutely no explanation forĀ erratic priceĀ behavior. You just need to learn the language and you will see tons of opportunities. A Forex tool that you definitely want to your disposal is the ability to capitalize on Forex chart patterns. In the Live Trading Room of Winners Edge Trading, we are always on the lookout for breakout trades!

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