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Japanese Candlestick Charts". The lowest price during the time period. On the other hand, if you find a bearish candlestick, you may choose to place a sell order. Candlestick charts serve as a cornerstone of technical analysis. Exclusive Bonus: Download the Forex candlestick patterns PDF cheat sheet to learn the characteristics that lead to profitable trades. A black (or red) candle represents a price action with a lower closing price than the prior candle's close. If you see one form in this manner, the chances are good that an increase in selling pressure is on its way. For example, a Gravestone Doji appearing at the top of an uptrend can indicate a trend reversal.

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Before we get into why these are so powerful, lets first break down the components of the structure. Now I've Got a Question For You. Candlestick chart reading can be most useful during these volatile periods of irrational market behavior. An hourly candlestick shown with order book depth on a currency exchange. How To Set A Forex Trading Schedule.

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