trustpilot forex brokers

in the company's TrustScore. I tested the robot on 3 demo and 2 live account. No problems with deposits or withdrawals. Some months ago i already tried forex steam with 0 success and that time i got the idea from forexrobotnation. I just sent this warning because maybe a bunch of people got also the promotion letter, so let's avoid to be cheated. Eir customer service was very good and polite.

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trustpilot forex brokers

I also checked their performance page it is total the way i also checked an othet top rated robot of forexrobotnation, FAP ultra, and the same scam. I found out that forexrobotnation has a close relation with forex steam and they actually both lying. This is a lie.

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My conclusion is really objective: The results of these robots are fake also on the original sites and also on forexrobotnation. I just wanted to check will hft forex system it happen again that happened earlier, and just tested again the e second trade turned into loss after the second day. Some days ago againg i got a letter from forexrobotnation telling about the new version of Steam forex that has no any loss since the release. There is a relation of these sites owner, and they use it to mislead the potential customers. If you are going to start trading with them, do your research, if you open a live account, monitor constantly (that would apply to any new broker btw if you have ANY questions, call them, chat with them right away. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore). Both of the accounts turned into loss, and have nothing to do with the claimed results. As one would assume, in this fx trading world the line between trusting a broker, and not, is v-e-r-y thin, it just takes a few I closed my account. I have a feeling from the site of FAP ultra that the owner is the same as Steam forex. I started comparing my charts to 5 other fx brokers and I noticed some discrepancies that fell into the dubious category (spikes taking out my stops, some insane spread gaps that stopped me out as ny many times).even though I will give them the. If you see any irregular spikes that closed you out, research it, have multiple accounts open so you can see how it went on the other short: keep an eye out at all times. Be aware of these scammers and stay away.

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