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: Actual time of departure atfi: Automated Tariff Filing Information System ATP: * See Available to Promise (ATP) Attributes: A label used to provide additional classification or information about a resource, activity, or cost object. (2) A term used to describe the process of making (usually) significant and major revisions or modifications to business processes. Shared Services: Consolidation of a company's back-office processes to form a spinout (0r a separate "shared services" unit to be run like a separate business providing services to the parent company and sometimes, to external customers. Load tender terminology is primarily used in the motor industry. Pick List: A list of items to be picked from stock in order to fill an order; the pick list generation and the picking method can be quite sophisticated. Order Entry and Scheduling: The process of receiving orders from the customer and entering them into a company's order processing system. Intermittent-Flow, Fixed-Path Equipment: Materials handling devices that include bridge cranes, monorails, and stacker cranes. The rope is a communication process from the constraint to the gating operation that checks or limits material released into the system to support the constraint. Your end customer may be a retail outlet. Product Description: The user's description of the product.

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The freight may be moved intact inside the trailer, or it may be interchanged and rehandled to connecting carriers. (2) The packaging, such as a carton, case, box, bucket, drum, bin, bottle, bundle, or bag, that an item is packed and shipped. They then act as a shipper, tendering the containers to ocean common carriers. It includes the time required for order transmittal, order processing, order preparation, and transit. Ntract/Program and Channel Management: This includes costs related to contract negotiation, monitoring progress, and reporting against the customer's contract, including administration of performance or warranty-related issues. The physical form or electronic transaction a buyer uses when placing an order for merchandise. If the company stocks at the component level, the company would have 36 SKUs.

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